Fukoku is Serious about Environmental Conservation

Our corporate color symbolizes sky blue, marine blue, and our blue planet

Fukoku's corporate color represents sky blue, marine blue, and the blue planet of earth. In order to engage proactively in global environmental conservation, Fukoku strives to carefully consider green practices in the materials development and product planning stages by designing materials that can be reused and materials that have little impact on the environment, for example. Fukoku is constantly striving to be a green company by routinely recycling waste products.

Constant awareness of environmental conservation

Fukoku is doing its part to lessen environmental impact by making products lighter and longer lasting. We are working to produce environment-friendly and people-friendly products such as rubber products for reducing noise and vibrations, automotive products for meeting emission standards, and industrial machinery that does not damage the pavement surface. In addition to meeting customer requirements and complying with national regulations, the entire company sought certification to ISO 14001, the strict international environmental management standard, as a way of keeping our word to give full consideration to the environment throughout the manufacturing process. We received certification for ISO 14001 in 2005, certifying our products and manufacturing environment internationally.

Zero emission is the ultimate goal!

Fukoku wants to minimize its environmental impact from business activities. We have established company policies stipulating that non-toxic materials are to be developed during the product design stage, encouraging recycling, and attempting to reuse rubber waste produced during the manufacturing process as an underlying buffer for paths in public parks. We will carry out environmental management activities to enforce these policies with the ultimate goal of achieving a zero-emission state in which no waste products are produced. Fukoku is proactively working on creating a system aimed at “reducing, reusing, and recycling” to eliminate substances that impact the environment.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy Fukoku recognizes that conservation of the global environment is a pressing issue facing all of humanity. Fukoku will therefore conduct all phases of our business activities with consideration for their impact on the environment in order to fulfill the corporate social responsibilities (CSR).
Policies As a manufacturer specializing in manufacture and sales of industrial rubber products, Fukoku will construct and operate an environmental management system and implement environment management activities based on the following policies aimed at achieving harmony with the local and global environment.

  • 1
    Fukoku will strive to prevent environmental pollution by conforming to environment-related laws, regulations, agreements, and customer requirements.
  • 2
    Fukoku will promote energy-conservation, natural resources saving and reduce waste.
  • 3
    Regarding the own facilities and the raw and sub-materials used by Fukoku, Fukoku will discontinue, reduce the substances that place a burden on the environment, including those substances that contribute to global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and the other harmful substances and ensure the conversion to the alternative substances whenever possible, and strive to lessen the burden on the environment.
  • 4
    In order to implement the Policies, all divisions of Fukoku will establish, manage and continually review an environment program that implements the objectives and goals for all activities listed above under the Polices to the extent that it is technologically and economically feasible. Fukoku will strive to continually improve the environment and its environment-related management system.
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    In addition to notifying all employees of the Policies including all activities listed above and trying to increase their environment awareness, Fukoku will communicate the Policies to its suppliers and ask for their understanding and cooperation.

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