What kind of company is FUKOKU?

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Our Strengths

Based on our development capabilities and technological strengths in rubber materials, FUKOKU delivers products that boast high market shares in the world. As well as stable economic foundations, we have the growth potential to keep taking on challenges in new areas. Introducing the distinctive features of FUKOKU, with its balance of stability and growth potential.

Corporate Profile

Name FUKOKU Co., Ltd.
Address Zip code 362-8561 3-105 Sugaya, Ageo, Saitama
Established December 24, 1953
Capital stock 1,395.35 million yen
President & CEO Takashi Ogawa

Corporate Philosophy

Challenging to create new value and contributing to a future full of dreams.

The Appeal of Working at FUKOKU

FUKOKU is a manufacturer of auto parts with several products that boast the top global market share. For example, FUKOKU is the largest producer of automobile wiper blade rubbers worldwide. Our brake products and antivibration products also boast extremely high global shares of their respective markets.
For all of these products, we have built integrated systems that cover the entire process from the development of the material to the planning, design, prototyping, production, and delivery of the product, and we contribute to global markets with our diverse product line-up.
Challenging to create new value and contributing to a future full of dreams.
Under this philosophy, we are actively engaging in new businesses in areas such as biotechnology and healthcare. This is another part of the appeal of working at FUKOKU.

Stability and Growth

Stability and Growth


Recognized in global auto parts markets, FUKOKU is a company that has established stable management foundations.
We have cultivated technological strengths in development over the years, and today, we continue to take on the challenge of going beyond the automobile domain, leveraging those strengths in growing areas such as healthcare.
With our dual aspects of “stability” and “growth,” we aim to make even further leaps forward.

The Spirit of Yes, We Do!

The Spirit of Yes,
We Do!


“Yes, We Do!” is the spirit that has been passed down since the days of the company’s foundation in 1953. For example, often, in meetings, bosses will say, “Let’s try and see what happens!” Of course, thinking in line with fundamental principles is a given, but if there is still something you do not know, try it first and then think about it. An attitude of not rejecting anything out of hand and of moving the conversation forward on an equal footing, without talking down on others, has taken firm root in FUKOKU’s culture.

100 People, 100 Colors

100 People,
100 Colors


FUKOKU has a corporate culture of respecting every individual employee and continuing with challenge and active participation.
From every person’s respective challenges, a variety of contributions is born, leading to the growth of all. This is the spirit of FUKOKU Value.

Everyone Strives

We welcome employees who respect each other and actively participate while taking on repeated challenges.

Everyone Contributes

We will respect your individual ways of thinking and lifestyles and support you in achieving as much harmony as possible. We will also provide a range of fields that offer diverse opportunities to realize your potential, from development to production and delivery.

Everyone Grows

We will cheer on people who strive for self-realization while developing their careers, with initiatives such as the Overseas Trainee Scheme, which supports the development of our young employees.


We also have a great deal of diverse content for you to explore, to help you get to know FUKOKU better.

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