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Challenge Always Brings Growth

Corporate Officer & Director, Human Resources Department Kenichiro Yomura

Board Member & Managing Director, Human Resources Department

Kenichiro Yomura


Three wonderful aspects make up FUKOKU’s DNA.
The first is our superior technological strengths as polymer professionals.
The second is our strength in manufacturing, with our extensive knowledge of materials, processing, and equipment.
The third aspect is our passionate determination to constantly improve and our ability to stubbornly follow through on whatever we decide.
A company in which every individual employee demonstrates these things thoroughly and acts on their own independent judgment, where everyone is lively and energetic...This is the DNA of FUKOKU, its culture, which has been passed down since its foundation.
As globalization has become the norm and society undergoes major changes, FUKOKU, too, has transformed into a company that respects diversity. Our transition from management in which the founders played the central role to management by diverse people is one example of that transformation.
Today, with the automotive industry entering a once-in-a-century period of great change, we battle every day to pioneer new technologies, products, and markets. While respecting your challenges as individuals, as a company, we are also taking on the challenge of achieving a great transformation.

The people who will flourish in the coming era

To take on the challenge of new things in a new era, we need to reshape our existing systems and build new ones. To do this, we will need people who are prepared to dive headlong into that change, or to take it further, people with the ability to create that change themselves.
The era ahead will require a range of different abilities. Nevertheless, a common thing that is needed at any time, whatever the era, is the ability to act and take on challenges. If we want to take action to meet challenges and create change, there is a limit to what one person alone can do. For that reason, another important ability is being able to interact with others, to create relationships.

Human resources development

FUKOKU’s priority is to develop human resources who will think deeply and autonomously from a wide range of perspectives to realize their dreams. When I say, “realize their dreams,” I want every individual to have dreams of their own and for the company to be the place where they will make those dreams come true.
Instead of relying only on the company or your bosses, design your own future vision and make the effort to realize it. The company will be generous in its support of that effort.

A Message for Students in the Midst of Their Job Search

FUKOKU offers a place for you to take on your own individual challenges. Challenge will always bring growth to a person. We look forward to seeing your individual challenges when you join us at FUKOKU. As Director of the Human Resources Department, my job is to increase employee motivation and engagement. I hope to be a driving force in the transformation of our human resources policies, without being constrained by the past.


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