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If you are interested in joining FUKOKU Group, please contact our local offices. For positions at FUKOKU Japan, please see our website in JP.


What is the ratio of mid-career employees?

Overall, there is around a 50-50 split between new graduates and mid-career employees. Our corporate culture is one where employees hired immediately after graduating use their company knowledge and experience to work together with mid-career employees, who can offer different expertise and perspectives.

Is there any possibility of being transferred to another location?

Employees in the Corporate Division mainly work in the Urawa Office. Employees in sales and other positions may be transferred to other locations within Japan. However, very few employees are transferred frequently. Employees may also have the opportunity to work overseas. We make sure to take work-life balance into consideration even in these cases, such as providing childcare or nursing care.

How much overtime is there?

The company-wide average is around 20 hours per person. This varies by person, and depends on the time of year, duties, workplace, and type of work. We continue efforts to normalize overtime hours on a company-wide level, and this number is expected to stabilize over the long term.

How much paid time off is taken?

The company-wide average is around 10 days per person. This will vary by person, and whether an employee can take time off depends on the time of year, duties, workplace, and type of work. However, we continue efforts to encourage employees to take paid time off throughout the company, and are seeing an upward trend.

Recruitment guidelines

Recruiting Information

Let us introduce the kinds of people FUKOKU is looking for, specific recruitment guidelines, and information on employee welfare and benefits. Please see each individual page for details.

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New graduate recruitment registration is accepted through “Mynavi”.
For mid-career recruitment, use the form below to apply.

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