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Research and development of rubber material, surface treatment, and coating

Development of various materials for the application of wipers, seals and anti-vibration products for transportation equipment, and products for OA equipment are our main duty of the Research and Development Division. We mainly develop materials to help customers increased product value with regard to comfort, safety, and the environment, by synthesizing high-polymeric materials such as elastomers, plastics, surface treatment agents, and adhesives. We are also actively challenging to healthcare fields such as biotechnology, as a new business venture.

The hardships and joy of research and development

The hardships and joy of research and development


The goal of research and development is to create something new, so a researcher never knows if they will actually find what they are looking for. For example, when developing rubber material, we use compounding technology to mix polymers, filler, and chemicals in order to create certain characteristics. However, there are countless combinations in selection of raw materials, how much amount of each ingredient to use, and the mixing order. We can sometimes achieve our goals by finding new raw materials we have never tried before. Work involves repeatedly setting hypotheses and failing, and so it is important to be passionate about seeking the truth. There are times where a test is started on Friday and the weekend is spent waiting in excitement to see the results on Monday. It is the supreme pleasure, for the engineers engaging the development, when we have “It is very much good products and materials” from our customers after getting the customer’s targets.

Communication with our customers is the key factor

Communication with our customers is the key factor


Let us start with an example. A customer has a trouble with the rubber automobiles product of another supplier, as the product breaks easily. The customer asks us to develop a component using stronger material. They want the product to be twice as strong. However, developing a product based solely on this information could be a big mistake.
We then confirm how the customer uses the component and determine that the product itself is not under significant stress.
We continue to ask questions. Under what temperature is the product used? Does it make contact with other chemicals? Is it deforming under continual vibration? Asking these questions can sometimes significantly change our approach in developing a material. For example, when developing a material we would need to consider heat resistance or ozone resistance if it will be used in a higher temperature, chemical resistance if it would make contact with chemicals, or fatigue durability if it would be subject to continual deformation. There are many cases where we find no need to increase a product strength.
The most important thing for us in research and development is to communicate closely with customers and clarify what our development goals are. Clarifying our research goals allows us to develop solutions quickly. Research and development, design, and sales personnel all work together to communicate with customers, allowing us to quickly develop the products our customers truly want.

Engineers actively working in research and development

The following engineers actively work in research and development at FUKOKU. If you feel the same way and are interested in a career at FUKOKU, please consider applying for a position.

People who really like thinking things over


I always hated memorizing facts when I was in school, but subjects such as math and physics only require logical thinking. As long as I showed up to class, I could get by even if I didn’t study for exams. I spent all my free time working part time or on other activities outside of class, so my grades weren’t great. Still, I was able to graduate.

People who like to try new things


I received a lot of advice from my professors and senior students during my graduate research project. I understood what they were saying, but I wanted to think for myself and try a different approach. My arguments were convincing, and I was able to select a new research topic and change how my experiment would be conducted.

People who like to advance their careers while working with others


The overall atmosphere among fellow students and workers at my part time job wasn’t great, so I took the lead and got people to communicate more often, which meant we could accomplish things while enjoying ourselves.

Interview with a senior employee


I want to challenge myself to various jobs related to manufacturing

H.M, research and development

During a development project for major automobile manufacturers, I was involved in areas that were new for me such as developing rubber materials and planning testing methodologies, and I really felt myself progressing as a professional. I began to have more opportunities to visit customers and meet directly with design and laboratory engineers. It was very satisfying. I hope to gain experience in other departments—such as design and analysis—and develop skills to view things from multiple angles, so that I can help make better products.

Interview with a senior employee:H.M, research and development


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