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Because we have many products with a high market share, working in sales can be very fascinating.

There are two main sales approaches at FUKOKU. One approach involves working closely with existing customers. Strengthening relationships while maintaining stable product delivery allows us to discover new customer needs and ultimately receive orders for new products. The other approach involves finding new customers. We gather a wide range of information in order to discover industry and customer trends as quickly as possible in changing social environment, and seek new customers who are in growing industries and supplying growing products in the future.
However, the Sales Division cannot do this alone. Based on the information from the customer, sales people first work with the Research and Development and Design Divisions while creating a proposal that meets the customer’s needs. They also need the cooperation of many other divisions, such as repeatedly making adjustments with the Production Division leading up to actual production. They also work daily with overseas production factories to serve those customers who are expanding overseas. Sales people are active both inside and outside Japan.

Continuing to earn the trust of customers and society

Continuing to earn the trust of customers and society


Sales people connect customers FUKOKU’s each divisions. The most interesting facet of sales activity is bringing together the needs of customers together with the “seeds” of the company (uniqueness and strengths) to create new business.
Sales activity is not simply selling a product that has already been made, but is instead commercializing the needs of customers and meeting their requirements. Keeping customers satisfied and building trusting relationships lead to next new business. There are of course competitors in any business. In addition to determining what customers need, it is also important to know what competitor movements. For example, in comparing us with a competitor, a sales person would propose a strategy that meets the customer’s requirements at a higher level by explaining the added value that only we can provide. Selecting a Fukoku solution would therefore not only benefit us but the customer as well.
Suppose that we found information that a certain automobile manufacturer is developing a battery for EVs. In this case, we would go out and gather information such as the specifications of the unit, what issues the customer is encountering, whether Fukoku has any technology to provide, and what competitors are doing. We then use this information to create a strategy to convince the customer to choose Fukoku.

Sales people lead company

Sales people lead company


Let us now assume that, after much trial and error, we have proposed a product and the customer has agreed to place an order. It is not yet time to celebrate; our work is only 20% done. Our next step is to develop the ordered item into a product. Sales is also responsible for delivering the product and collecting payment. The process of developing and delivering a product takes at least two years from the point the order is placed. During these two years, sales people take on a leadership over other related departments until the goal is reached.

Types of people working in sales

The following types of people work in sales at FUKOKU. If you feel the same way and are interested in a career at FUKOKU, please consider applying for a position.

People who want to improve their communication skills


You can brush up on your communication skills while working.

People who want to exercise leadership while getting many other people involved


In sales, we help bring together the abilities of all parties related to manufacturing processes both inside and outside the company.

People who want to build long-term trust relationships


We satisfy our customer need through our strengths of the company. This builds a win-win relationship between the customer and FUKOKU.

People who can think and act for themselves


We can take changes in social environments and the automotive industry and transform them into business opportunities.

Interview with a senior employee


Continuing to develop day-by-day for the goal of working overseas, with interpersonal relationships as motivation

K.M, sales

The automotive industry is now facing an age of massive change described as a once-in-a-century transformation. We, FUKOKU, are requested to deeply consider what products would be required based on three to five year term range overview in continuous daily social changes. This requires a lot of knowledge in areas such as regulations, economic activity, and social conditions. There is so much relevant information and required knowledge, that I think you cannot cover everything even if you are learning every day. This kind of work is difficult, but the process of gathering and organizing information, and putting your thoughts together can be fun.

Interview with a senior employee:K.M, sales


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