In the FUKOKU Group, we aim to become a Hundred-Year Company by challenging ourselves to create new value and contributing to the development of society through our monozukuri (craftsmanship). The achievement of the Corporate Philosophy is supported by our employees, whose mindset is composed of the three elements of FUKOKU Value and the six basic actions called the Phi Challenge (Φ-Challenge).
Under the rallying cry of our Corporate Spirit of “Yes, We Do! (Let’s Take on New Challenges Together!),” we have listened sincerely to what our customers want so that we could produce new technologies, new production methods, and new values. We treasure this spirit, which has been passed down across generations of FUKOKU employees, and are contributing to a future full of dreams.

Corporate Philosophy

Challenging to create new value and contributing to a future full of dreams.

Let’s create “Products and Technologies and Services” that give comfort and inspiration to the people of the world and contribute to building a society full of prosperity and happiness.


  • Everyone Strives
  • Everyone Contributes
  • Everyone Grows


Future Oriented

Fighting Spirit

Flexible Thinking

Faithful Attitude

Family Environment

Feasible Solution

Our Corporate Spirit

“Yes, We Do !” Let’s challenge something new together!

Let’s do it, let’s make a challenge.
Nothing can be achieved without trying.

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