FUKOKU Operates an Environmental Management Systems

As a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of industrial rubber products, FUKOKU has built and is operating its own environmental management systems, and is pursuing business activities that are conscious of the global environment. The overall policy underpinning these systems provides our environmental policy. See below for specific efforts being made toward individual issues.

Energy Conservation

We are working to manage and reduce our energy use to ensure it is used without waste and to reduce our CO2 emissions.


  • Changing boiler fuel, etc. from heavy oil to city gas
  • Reducing quantities of materials used by making our products smaller and lighter
  • Extending the service life of our products
  • Reducing work-in-process between production processes
  • Updated lighting, OA device, and production equipment to energy-saving types
  • Endorsing Cool Biz and other initiatives and optimizing workplace temperature settings
  • Replacing company fleet with hybrid vehicles, etc.
Energy Conservation

Water Resources

We are working to manage and reduce our water use (tap water, groundwater, industrial water) to ensure it is used without waste.


  • Re-using water used in production
  • Adopting permeable asphalt for parking lots, etc., to allow rain water to drain into the ground below
Water Resources

Chemical Management

We are striving to manage our use of chemicals to ensure they are used without waste and to reduce the quantities used.


  • Reducing VOC emissions through measures to prevent volatilization of adhesives and paints
  • Conducting voluntary inspections to prevent leaks of CFCs
  • Abolition of specified CFC devices
Chemical Management

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

We are engaged in the separation management and recycling of industrial waste products. We are also working to curb the generation of industrial waste.


  • Promoting the reuse of pallets, shipping cartons, etc. used for transportation
  • Promoting the separation and recycling of industrial waste products
  • Promoting paperless operations
  • Reuse of used copy paper
  • Preventing unlawful dumping through regular audits of industrial waste businesses
3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Pollution Prevention

We are preventing pollution (water pollution, air pollution, etc.) through the measurement and monitoring of factory wastewater, boiler ash, etc. and through regular inspections.


  • Replacing boilers to models that reduce air pollution
  • Cleaning wastewater with the use of wastewater treatment equipment
Pollution Prevention

Environmental Policy

Harmony with the Global Environment

To protect our Earth from environmental destruction, each and every one of our employees will be mindful of the environment in their actions and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of industrial rubber products, FUKOKU has built and is operating its own environmental management systems. Through environmental management activities based on the following policy, we will aim to achieve harmony with the local community and the global environment.

1. FUKOKU’s environmental management system applies to the design, development, and manufacturing activities for industrial rubber products, plastic products, and ultrasonic motors.

2. We will comply with laws, regulations, agreements, and the requirements, etc. of interested parties related to the environment and strive for the prevention of environmental pollution.

3. We will strive to contribute to a low-carbon society by promoting energy conservation and to a recycling-oriented society by promoting resources conservation and reducing waste.

4. As much as possible, we will abolish and reduce substances that place a burden on the environment, such as global-warming substances, ozone-depleting substances, and hazardous substances in our equipment and the raw materials and secondary materials we use, and convert to alternatives, in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and to protect biodiversity and ecosystems.

5. We will determine and adhere to our compliance obligations (laws and regulations, standards, guidelines, etc.).

6. To achieve this policy, all divisions will, as far as technologically and economically possible, set, implement, and review their objectives and targets for the above activities in their environmental programs, and strive for the continuous improvement and enhancement of their environmental performance and the environmental management systems.

7. We will communicate this policy to all employees and strive to raise their awareness of the environment. We will also convey it to all interested parties and request their understanding and cooperation.

This environmental policy will be disclosed outside the Company.

April 1, 2020
Takashi Ogawa
President & CEO
FUKOKU Co., Ltd.

Takashi Ogawa

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