FUKOKU Co., Ltd (hereinafter the “Company”) discloses information to stockholders and investors in line with the principles of transparency, fairness, and continuity, while complying with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the rules on timely disclosure stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). The company will also disclose information not covered by these statutory rules in a timely and proactive manner if such information is judged to be useful for understanding the company.

Methods of Disclosure

Information covered by the TSE rules on timely enclosure is disclosed through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) used and operated by the TSE after prior notification to the Exchange and proper registration. Once information is registered on TDnet, the Company will also disclose the same information to media organizations and on the company website without delay.

Forward-looking Statements

The business plans, forecasts, and business strategies of the Company and its affiliated companies posted on this website that are not related to historical and current facts are predictions of future performance and are based on assessments and assumptions made from information that is currently available. Therefore, actual business performance may differ from these predictions due to various factors such as risks, variable factors, and economic conditions.

IR Quiet Period

The Company has established IR silent periods as a safeguard to ensure fairness and prevent leaks of material corporate information. These quiet periods will be from the day after the close of the fiscal year until the announcement of the financial results for the year. During the silent period, the Company will refrain from answering questions or making comments on financial results. If, however, the prospect emerges of significant changes in performance during this quiet period, relevant information will be announced according to the rules on timely disclosure. The Company will respond to inquiries concerning information that has already been made public.

Positioning of Company Website

The FUKOKU website is available to all persons who wish to access the Company’s information on the internet. In order to make fair information disclosures, the Company posts disclosed information on the website as soon as possible. The website, however, is positioned solely as a secondary information source, as the posting of information may be delayed by flaws in telecommunications systems or other problems. In addition, not all information disclosed by the Company is posted on the website. Information made available by other means may be modified into easier-to-understand formats for posting on the website. When accessing information on the company website, please keep these points in mind.

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